As a shy creative child, resistant to pressure and frustrated by conformity, art gave me a way to express a suppressed energy with passion. It gave me a focus and a long-term emotional equilibrium. Having walked over hills and beaches all my life it seems obvious to me that they should become major influential subjects. The power of the sea, the drama of light and cloud in the sky creating atmosphere across the land has always inspired me! I love the seasons! Each and every one, they have their own colour systems, smells and moods which have called to me, encouraging me to be a part of them. I hope my work connects with those who have a similar passion for the land, sea and sky! At the end of 2017 I was diagnosed with an acoustic nueroma tumour. After a long recovery period after a very dramatic operation I am happy to say I am back at the easel and working hard with a new vigour painting in full colour and exploring themes from recent travels abroad.

                                                                                            Peter Tudhope