By petertudhope, Apr 15 2014 04:20PM

Another beautiful sunny day in East Ayrshire. Wandering around the Estate today sketching places to come bak to. Eventually found the ruined temple, what's left of the WWII Polish Army Camp, now the site of Morrison's sustainable farm and most exciting, a dead end at the end of a very long track! Some photos of the studio at 5pm with beautiful light streaming through the windows.

By petertudhope, Apr 14 2014 03:05PM

My residency here at Dumfries House is well underway. The studio, housed in an the old laundry building is a fantastic fascility, There are so many things to work from, the house itself, woodland, a riverbank, pegoda and arched bridge, countless out buildings, the list goes on.

My studio is on the ground floor to the left in the photograph. Well equipped with easel, tables, chairs, sink, fridge, daylight lights, pinboards on the walls etc. With 5 windows there is beautiful light flooding into the studio even on a dull day.

By petertudhope, Mar 21 2014 11:57AM

I'm pleased to say I have been offered and accepted a Residency at Dumfries House which will take place between 11th-25th April. I'm looking forward to spending the time at Dumfries House working from the wonderful surroundings and impressive House. I hope to fill my designated studio with expressive work with a basis of drawing and experimentation. I will of course try to post diary images of the Residency and am now currently engaged in applying to gallery spaces to exhibit work which will come out of the Residency. As far as I'm aware artist studios are made available for the public to view and engage with artists on Sundays. I will post here and on Facebook the details of this closer to the time and look forward to anyone who knows me to drop in.

By guest, Mar 20 2014 01:19PM

Finally I have added a blog to my website in an effort to get more out of the site and give updates on what I'm involved in. I would like to say in this first blog that I've added a shop to my site also, the first painting for sale is AILSA CRAIG. Currently on show at the Arteries gallery, Glasgow.