Saugh Hill landscape

By petertudhope, Jun 8 2014 05:34PM

With the Dumfries Residency well behind me it was time to get back to business. This painting of the Saugh Hill which rises from Girvan, South Ayrshire, needed finishing. I've been working on and off this for the best part of a year. I'm now quite pleased wih the way it has taken on a tapestry like surface. This is something I'd like to explore more in new paintings. They take a while to do but my wor has been going this way lately and I'm happy to embrace it. I've started a new painting of Brae Hill, colour studies for which can be seen in my works on paper portfolio. I'm looking forward to the build up, trying to carve the image out of the oil paint.

Saugh Hill landscape

oil on linen


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