By petertudhope, Jan 25 2016 10:41PM

My current exhibition is with fellow artist and friend Martin Berwick, showing landscapes produced from inspiration around our local area.

"Though friends since leaving school 30 years ago, this is the first exhibition of Peter and Martin’s combined work. The work of both artists focuses on their love of the outdoors, in particular, the sea and landscape around Girvan where they live and work. Their enthusiasm for and familiarity with the local landscape is apparent in the work. Often they will return to and focus on less than familiar locations and views. Both artists believe strongly in the ‘Plein Air’ tradition of painting and working in the landscape. Their work reflects the changes on their subject matter brought on by, location, weather and the changing seasons."

Mar 8 2016 12:07PM by Marco Cazzulini

Hi Peter,

Tell Martin I remember him with affection from our Leicester Polytechnic days. I hope your show goes well.

Mar 8 2016 01:51PM by Peter Tudhope

Hi Marco

Martin has spoke of you often, he will be very pleased to hear from you. I'll pass the message on, meanwhile if you wish to pass on your contact details please email me at He'd be delighted to be in touch! Thank you for the best wishes regarding the exhibition!


May 18 2016 10:53AM by Kate Armstrong

Hello Peter. I was a student at Auchinleck Academy and fondly remember Martin Berwicks' art and classes. I was wondering is it would be possible to re-connect with him as I would like to invite him to an up and coming exhibition I am part of next week.
Thank you,

May 19 2016 09:06AM by Peter

Hi Karen if you email me your contact details I'll pass them on to Martin.

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