By petertudhope, May 23 2016 06:24PM

I've been visiting Tormitchell Quarry off and on now for over a year. It's like some kind of lunar landscape! I love the structural element, the darks and light, the deep blues! It's perfect for my interest in a more linear approach in my work at the moment.

I remember visiting the quarry during hillwalking trips when I was younger, spying the quarry from the opposite hill, amazed and curious. There is another quarry on the opposite hill which has recenrly opened up again and will no doubt feature in some work soon.

I have started one painting of the quarry but hope to do a small series. The great weather we've had here in Ayrshire over the last few days has helped to get out with a slightly new set up for larger pieces. I started with a simple A2 drawing from a few days ago. I've been thinking of doing a few larger drawings of the quarry and so pasted the original drawing and other sheets onto a board and set to work. I'm using a large 3'x4' ply board as a drawing board as the thin mdf board the drawing is on is that very size.

By petertudhope, Jan 25 2016 10:41PM

My current exhibition is with fellow artist and friend Martin Berwick, showing landscapes produced from inspiration around our local area.

"Though friends since leaving school 30 years ago, this is the first exhibition of Peter and Martin’s combined work. The work of both artists focuses on their love of the outdoors, in particular, the sea and landscape around Girvan where they live and work. Their enthusiasm for and familiarity with the local landscape is apparent in the work. Often they will return to and focus on less than familiar locations and views. Both artists believe strongly in the ‘Plein Air’ tradition of painting and working in the landscape. Their work reflects the changes on their subject matter brought on by, location, weather and the changing seasons."

By petertudhope, Nov 3 2015 08:09PM

After a long wait and unsure circumstances I finally got funding in place to head to Newnan in Georgia, USA! The city of Newnan have established an Artist in Residence Programme headed by their ArtRez Team. The friendship with Ayrshire in Scotland has been going for quite a few years, exchanging singers and musicians in cultural exchanges. I am proud to say I was given the honour of representing Ayrshire as the first artist on the programme as well as the first Scottish artist! I spent nearly 6 weeks in their newly renovated cottage/studio, on Clark Street in Newnan, drawing and painting the town and it's environs.

The Newnanites really know how to treat their guests! I was looked after so well I wanted to move there! It was a wonderful experience and felt right at home in the local art scene. I did a few demo's and talks, not normally my thing, but everyone made me so at ease byt the time I had done a few I was getting into the swing of it.

Newnan has so many wonderful looking homes, thankfully, saved from Civil War destruction due to it's position as a hospital town. This makes the Downtown area especially cinematic! A beautiful place to wander in warm, sunny streets full of trees and colour. There was almost too much to work from so I started doing some straight forward pastel to get to know the town. I usually use pastels in conjunction with other mediumbut somehow it needed to be kept clean with sharp dark shadows. I soon found that this newly found style of drawing/recording went down very well with the locals too. I felt that I wasn't just on this residency to satisfy my own artistic curiosity but to show results that would help to make the Residency Programme popular within the towns folk.

The ArtRez Team organised an end of residency exhibition, which kept me busy working for, at the McRitchie-Hollis Museum and University of West Georgia as well as the studio space. There was a great turn out from the town, they had even asked a local piper to play in my owner. Quite a humbling experience and a trip which will stay with me forever.

Fortunately the artistic community also embraced me being there and I got to know some good people! I have learned a lot from my trip and will share those thought in a seperate post. For now, I'm home in Scotland wishing I was still painting in the sun!

By petertudhope, Aug 19 2014 12:15PM


I've just spent a very wet but enjoyable weekend in Glen Coe, one of my favourite places in Scotland. As a teenager I spent a few summers holidaying in Helensburgh with family. My uncle used to take us visiting around the western Highlands which I loved. It may even have sparked my love for the landscape and mountains. Glen Coe always put the hairs up on the back of my neck, I don't think I've ever been there when the weather was sunny so I have a feeling of the place as moody, atmospheric, and foreboding. This weekend was no different, in fact worse. Some torrential rain caused an initial upset to my drawing plans. As I drew in the rain, the battle to keep some kind of image on the paper without it sliding off completely was intense. Working quickly I started to embrace the marks made by splattering rain. The works were better than I hoped for. Not nice landscape drawing but images of the place, the history, the intense energy of the wilderness. Can't wait to go back! I hope to make a new series of paintings from the drawings done there. I also worked in my sketchbook, gathering imagery and colour notations which will hope to inform the work.

You can find the larger drawings in my drawing folder, please feel free to browse and by all means let me know what you think!

By petertudhope, Jun 8 2014 05:34PM

With the Dumfries Residency well behind me it was time to get back to business. This painting of the Saugh Hill which rises from Girvan, South Ayrshire, needed finishing. I've been working on and off this for the best part of a year. I'm now quite pleased wih the way it has taken on a tapestry like surface. This is something I'd like to explore more in new paintings. They take a while to do but my wor has been going this way lately and I'm happy to embrace it. I've started a new painting of Brae Hill, colour studies for which can be seen in my works on paper portfolio. I'm looking forward to the build up, trying to carve the image out of the oil paint.

Saugh Hill landscape

oil on linen